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Remember Planting a food plot is farming. The following steps will help to ensure your success.

· Check your soil PH
· Control weeds
· Properly prepare your soil well ahead of planting
· Ensure enough sunlight
· Use the proper fertilizer

Why and how soil should be tested!
Testing your soil properly is the most important step in establishing a successful food plot. Soil testing will show available nutrients as well as your soil ph. This is the key that will provide you with the information needed to address your soil ph and will determine what fertilizer as well as the right amount for your crop to flourish.

Soil samples should be taken from different locations in your food plot (high spots, low areas, dry spots, as well as wetter areas). Each sample should be taken 2” to 6” below the soil surface, the root zone. A clean plastic container is best to put your samples in. Metal containers can contaminate the sample.

Remove stones, sticks, and other debris. Mix the sample, break up any clumps and allow the sample to dry naturally. Your soil sample can be tested by your local Ag Center or a good fertilizer dealer. It is important to note: Use rubber gloves when you gather your soil samples. Don’t smoke because the ashes from your cigarette could raise the potassium level and your ph levels.