Our Seed Blends

Sinclairville Seed Company Wallhanger Soybean Blend
Four varieties of Round Up Ready Soybeans in one bag. 1 Acre. It is available in an Early, Mid, and Late season mix all with corresponding maturity dates. All versions are pre-inoculated. 50lb bag with 140,000 seed count. Will plant 1 acre if broadcasting.
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Sinclairville Seed Company Clover Candy
40% Pinnacle Ladino Clover
40% Crusade White Clover
20% Frosty Berseem Clover
Option shown: 1 Acre.
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Sinclairville Seed Company Plot Topper
Broadcast over standing beans when the leaves are just starting to turn yellow of use as a stand alone plot.
8lbs Crimson Clover
2lbs Purple Top Turnip
2lbs Tillage Radish
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Sinclairville Seed Company Corn
86 Day Grain Corn (40,000 Seed Count). Must have Monsanto Technology Number to purchase – NO EXEPTIONS.
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Buck Magnet
If you’re looking for a shot plot, Buck Magnet is it. From Bow Season through Gun season and beyond, Deer just can’t resist the draw of Whitetail oats, sweet forage peas, Buckwheat, Purple Top Turnips and rape. Buck Magnet keeps them coming all season long.

25% Kara Oats
35% Survivor Winter Peas
35% Buckwheat
2.5% Purple Top Turnip
2.5% Dwarf Essex Rape
Plant – September 1st
Seed Rate— 50lbs/acre
Fertilizer — 15-15-15
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Full Draw
If you only have room for one food plot, then this is the one. This blend of white and red clovers plus Spadona chicory will stand high grazing pressure. Deer will feast on this plot Spring, Summer Fall & Winter. This is truly a plot that deer will visit all year long. Full Draw will last three or more years with proper maintenance.

35% Crusade White Clover
30% Pinnacle Ladino White Clover
30% FSG402 Red Clover
5% TFL200 Chicory
Plant – Spring or Fall
Seed Rate— 10lbs/acre
Fertilizer — 5-20-20
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Backwoods Buffet 2
Backwoods Buffet is the perfect balance of rape, turnip, crimson clover, sugar beets and Diakon radish. This mix grows large and leafy producing tons of nutritious, high protein forage. After the first hard frost, the starch contained in these plants will change to sugar and will prove irresistible to the deer. The turnips, sugar beets and radishes will provide your deer herd a tremendous winter food source.

20% Dwarf Essex Rape
15% Jackpot Turnip
15% Crimson Clover
15% Purple Top Turnip
10% Diakon Radish
10% Sugar Beet
15% Vivant Brassica
Plant – August 1st—15th
Seed Rate— 5lbs/acre
Fertilizer — 19-19-19
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Custom Blending For You
We proudly offer our own custom blends of seed mixes. Sinclairville Seed Company prides itself in customer satisfaction. We will be happy to custom blend to your specifications from any of the seed listed below…

Alfalfa FSG 415 BR
FSG 402 – Red Clover
Berseem Clover
Balansa Clover
Crusade White Clover
Pinnacle Ladino Clover
Alsike Clover
Crimson Clover
Dwarf Essey Rape
Dinkon Radish
Purple Top Turnip
Sugar Beets
Forage Collards
Maxium Peas
Survivor Winter Peas
Kara Oats
Winter Wheat
Winter Rye
Peredovik Sunflower

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