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Product Description

The Cuddeback® CuddeLink™ Dual Cell Wireless Game Camera features 2 cellular modes of operation. Mode I uses LTE service, which starts at approximately $10 per month. Mode II uses CuddeLink technology that allows you to view images from up to 16 trail cams sent to one camera, allowing all 16 cameras to share one $10 per month cell plan. Mode II does not use Wi-Fi or cellular phone service. The wireless feature enables hunters to check their game cameras without contaminating their hunting site by repeatedly going there to check images. Dual flash illumination allows you to choose from no-glow Black Flash, when you want the illumination to be completely invisible out to 50′; or Long-Range IR flash, when you want illumination to reach out 100′. A blinding 0.25-second trigger speed means more full-body images, and a super-fast recovery speed takes second picture within 1 second of the first. The Dual Cell Wireless Game Camera takes remarkable 20MP daylight color and black-and-white night images. Select separate day and night modes; 1-second to 60-minute picture delays; 10-second to 24-hour time lapse images; 10-, 20-, 30-second video with sound; and from 1 to 5 images in burst mode. Operation can be set to EZ, Advanced and Surveillance modes to accommodate your needs. Snaps and records in 16:9 HD mode or 4:3 full size mode. Date, time, moon-phase and camera-ID stamps. Genius™ mount makes it easy to mount and aim the trail camera. The CuddeLink Dual Cell Wireless Game Camera records images without an SD card. Requires a cell plan to operate. Waterproof coating on all electronics. Runs on 6 D batteries (not included) External power jacks accommodate solar panels or other power sources.

Built-in wireless CuddeLink
Links up to 16 cameras, wirelessly
Keeps human scent away from stand site
Does not use Wi-Fi or cellular phone service
2 cellular modes of operation
Dual flash illumination
No-glow Black Flash
Long-Range IR flash
0.25-sec. trigger speed
16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios

Additional Information

Cell Provider Plan

AT&T, Verizon


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